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Expressing the Same Incarnational Faith

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“…we realize more and more clearly how the integrity and purity of the Christian faith was constantly expressed through the whole sacramental life of the Church on both sides, in the Churches which accept Chalcedon and its formulations and in the Churches which reject the Council of Chalcedon but have other ways of expressing the same incarnational faith.”

“Generally speaking in the past, polemics have dominated the relationship between the two groups of Churches. The self-defensive, self-justifying tendency and method, with the natural implication of mutual condemnation, have prevailed in the conversations that have taken place. Fresh attempts at a deeper understanding of each other’s positions as expressed in the post-Chalcedonian theological tradition may greatly help us in our search for the recovery of the unity of the Eastern Churches.”

+ Archbishop Karekin Sarkissian, The Council of Chalcedon and the Armenian Church, 2nd Edition (New York: The Armenian Church Prelacy, 1975) 217-218.

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